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Patchouli is a plant from mint family and is grown in tropical climates of Asia. It is generally seen around China, Malesia, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Patchouli oil is derived from the leaves of the patchouli plant by undergoing a steam distillation process. Leaves should be dried for distillation and harvested in dry mornings when volatile oils reach the peak to benefit from the plant in the best way.  
Let’s mention some benefits of patchouli oil and review together the features of patchouli oil which has great positive impact on our body and health.
Patchouli oil, playing an important role in healing eczema, acne and wounds, helps the skin to look healthy and young. It prevents dandruff formation. Accordingly, it is used in many skin care products. 
It has antiseptic feature. In avoids infection of wounds.
It regulates nervous system. A few drops of patchouli oil shall be effective on depression, sleeplessness and stress.
Patchouli oil has a spicy mystical fragrance. It is also used as a natural deodorant to mask body odor.
One of the most important usage areas for us is essence sector. Patchouli chypre is an essential element of scents. It is quite a valuable product in essence industry and takes place in ‘base’ part among the notes forming perfume. Its quality changes depending on its age.
It has a woody and earthy scent. It creates a charming composition in perfume with oils as lavender, carnation, rose and jasmine.
Some perfumes involving patchouli oil in their content;
Angel (Thierry Mugler)

Armani Si (Giorgio Armani)

Chance (Chanel)

Patchouli Absolu (Tom Ford)

Rush (Gucci)

Velvet Patchouli (Dolce&Gabbana)

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